Friends, today we want to share a joyful event with you.

The Russian Museum was awarded a GOLDEN DIPLOMA and a BRONZE CUBE

XI-th Anniversary Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture for route number 1 through the gardens of the Russian Museum as part of the “LIVING WITNESSES OF NATURE” program in the nomination “Best educational project in the field of preserving the gene pool of old-growth trees, monuments of wildlife in the landscape and cultural heritage of Russia”, implemented jointly with the ROO “New Environmental Project”. The first route of the gardens of the Russian Museum through old-growth trees, 3.3 km long, through the most beautiful places and gardens of St. Petersburg is waiting for you!

The award was established by the ASSOCIATION OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS OF RUSSIA and the UNION OF ARCHITECTS OF RUSSIA and is the highest Russian national award of national importance in the field of landscape architecture, gardening art, landscape construction, improvement and gardening.

We thank the organizers of the award and personally the President of ALAROS Taisiya Volftrub, as well as the international jury for the high assessment of the educational and environmental program of the Russian Museum.

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