Now this holiday is called “Day of Children’s Public Associations.”

Created in Soviet Russia in 1922, an organization uniting adolescents and preparing future builders of communism from them has its roots in the scouting movement of the Russian Empire. But the name “scouts” was not suitable for Soviet children, so they took the word “pioneer” from the 18th century. Then the word “pioneer” meant “infantry soldier, sapper.” In the XIX century, another meaning was added to it – “the instigator of something new, a pioneer.” Remember the James Phenimore Cooper novel, Pioneers, published in 1823. He is not talking about teenagers in red ties.

Perhaps the pioneer organization of the USSR was part of a totalitarian regime, but at the same time it gave a lot to children. Remember the Pioneer Houses, the pioneer camps. The cherished ticket to “Artek”, which was awarded for diligent study and activity in pioneering life. And how much joy the adolescents received as pioneers in the branch of the Central Museum of V.I. Lenin, who was in the Marble Palace. And a mandatory photograph in front of an armored car. With the collapse of the USSR, the pioneer organization ceased to exist. But she was replaced in Russia by the revival of the scout movement. This movement again unites children to engage in useful creative work.

So, in the holiday “Birthday of the Oak” the “71st combined detachment of the holy righteous warrior Fedor Ushakov” of the North-Western department of the “Organization of Russian Young Scouts” took part, who collected and planted acorns from the oak-monument of wildlife. You can find out more information at the link:

Here’s a holiday with a sequel.

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