Today, the autumn planting of daffodils and crocuses took place in the Mikhailovsky Garden as part of the Blooming Lawns campaign, which was held for the first time in the gardens of the Russian Museum. More than 2,000 bulbs were planted as part of the campaign.

In the gardens, campaigns are regularly held to preserve green spaces. However, this is the first time such an event has taken place. Visitors to the Mikhailovsky Garden will be able to admire the result of the work of the action participants in the spring.

The Mikhailovsky Garden occupies about 10 hectares in the city center, of which about 1000 meters are flower beds. This is one of the rarest monuments of landscape architecture of the 18th – the first third of the 19th centuries. and a brilliant example of the architectural unity of the building and the natural landscape, created according to the plan of Karl Rossi. The appearance of the garden is sustained in the traditions of the 18th and 19th centuries, so the choice of plants is limited by historical requirements.

The first plantings of flowering bulbous plants appeared in the imperial gardens at the beginning of the 18th century. Bulbs of tulips, crocuses, lilies, daffodils, hazel grouses were brought from Moscow. Later, Peter I regularly ordered plants of various varieties from Holland.

Representatives of the sponsoring companies Severstal PJSC, Power Machines JSC, Lenta LLC, SVEZA-Les LLC, Skandinavia and Skandinavia AVA-PETER clinics will take part in the action.