Now we can say with confidence that the New Year holidays are over, and we decided to sum up the personal results of the past year.
What interesting facts we managed to remember for the past 2022.

🐇- A hare from the outskirts of St. Petersburg ran into the Summer Garden
🐥- In the Summer Garden we found a ringed great tit from Finland
🌼- On March 15, the first snowdrop blossomed in the Summer Garden
🌳 – Over this year, our Oakwood of Emperor Peter the Great has grown into 148 oak trees, now they grow in Tashkent, Maykop, Novouralsk, Azov, Nizhny Tagil, Kaliningrad, Voronezh, Zheleznovodsk, Petrozavodsk, on about. Kizhi, Tsivilsk, Vladimir, Bogoroditsk, Vyborg, Omsk, Lipetsk, Belaya Kalitva, Vasilsursk and Kulikovo field.
🦢 – The Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Dmitrievich Beglov, visited the Summer Garden and released two beautiful swans into the Karpiev Pond, which delighted visitors throughout the summer.
🎶 – 10 musical concerts “Music of the Summer Garden” were held for you in the territory of the Summer Garden
👩‍🎓 – The Public Art project “Subcultural Landscape” was held, where the works of artists – students of the Stieglitz Academy were exhibited
⁉- For you, together with Megafon, we have implemented a game-quest in the Mikhailovsky Garden “Garden of Riddles”
🌳 – For history lovers, we continue to support the Living Witnesses of History project
👩‍🌾 – Employees of the Metro newspaper weeded the stalls in the Summer Garden
🥕 – We arranged a Harvest Festival for you
🧅 – Bulbs of daffodils and crocuses were planted in the Mikhailovsky Garden, representatives of the sponsoring companies Severstal PJSC, Power Machines JSC, Lenta LLC, SVEZA-Les LLC, Scandinavia and Scandinavia AVA clinics took part in the action -PETER”
👩‍🌾 – Visitors to the garden took part in a large-scale action Art Subbotnik, where everyone could pick up a rake and take part in the improvement of one of the oldest gardens in St. Petersburg
🌳 – The annual Tree of Life campaign took place in the Mikhailovsky Garden, representatives of the Nordgold company, the Scandinavia clinic chain and the FUN & SUN tour operator took part in the campaign for planting small-leaved linden.
🌷 – The Summer Garden hosted the Blooming Parterre event, where employees of the restoration workshops of the Russian Museum planted 4,500 tulip bulbs in the Red Garden bosquet
🐥 – For the students of the Ecological and Biological Center “Krestovsky Ostrov” we arranged a holiday “Titmouse Day”

What do you remember about this year?