“You are beautiful, but empty,” the Little Prince said to earthly roses. – You don’t want to die for you. Of course, a passer-by, looking at my rose, will say that it is exactly the same as you. But for me she is dearer than all of you … “

In the work of the same name by the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the rose is not just a flower that the Little Prince left on his distant planet, but also a symbol of love. Her seed brought the Little Prince to the planet by the wind, the rose became the decoration of the hero’s life. He courted and cared for her, despite her whims.

Here are the roses in the Gardens of the Russian Museum for us the most beautiful. Our specialists invest in them no less love and care than the Little Prince, so we ask our visitors to respect the work of others and admire the roses only with their eyes. Take beautiful photos, take scenic video shots, inhale the fragrance, but please, never pluck roses.