Preparing the garden for the summer period consists not only in the restoration of footpaths, the replacement of garden sofas and other work hidden from the eyes of visitors. In April, another very important procedure takes place in the garden – sanitary pruning.

Our specialists carry out the maximum possible amount of work both on the ground and on the tops of trees. There are about 3,000 old-growth trees in the gardens that need pruning. The cutting of such trees takes place regularly, but not annually.

Meet arborists – specialists in servicing trees and caring for them, as for individual organisms. After all, we all know that each tree, like a person, needs an individual approach.

The work of arborists takes place on trees, sometimes at a height of more than 30 meters. In our opinion, this is one of the most difficult and dangerous work in the preparatory period. Of course, during such work, all arborists use professional climbing equipment.

Removal of dry and damaged branches, as well as branches directed inside the crown or close to each other, recognition and treatment of diseases – these are the main tasks of these people. In addition, arborists help to find potentially dangerous branches that can fall from strong winds. And with further sanitary pruning, adjust the slope of the trunk due to the shape of the crown, thereby reducing the wind load. This allows you to maintain the health of the old-growth tree and extend its life.