Today mute swans Yelisey and Lyubava returned to the Karpiev Pond of the Summer Garden in a solemn atmosphere for the summer period. The Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Dmitrievich Beglov, General Director of the Russian Museum Vladimir Alexandrovich Gusev and Director of the Leningrad Zoo Irina Sergeyevna Skiba took part in the symbolic launching of beautiful birds.

Yelisey and Lyubava are a pair of young white swans that will please the guests of our garden for the second year in a row. The swans will spend the summer season on the territory of the Summer Garden, delighting you with their presence, after which, at the end of October, they will return to the zoo. A pair of swans will be accompanied by wild ducks living in the waterways of the city.

The Russian Museum Gardens would like to thank BIOCAD for their interest and assistance in maintaining the historical appearance of the garden.

Come to the garden for a walk and meet this wonderful couple! But, remember that it is forbidden to feed the birds. Our experts feed the swans according to the schedule, their diet includes all the necessary and balanced substances.