Today, with the midday shot of a cannon, an action “Baroque Topiaries of the Summer Garden” took place in the Red Garden of the Summer Garden. As a result, the Summer Garden received eight figuratively trimmed box trees as a gift from sponsors.
The Maly Trianon Theater performed for the participants of the action. The sponsors were awarded diplomas and gratitude.

The Russian Museum thanks the sponsors of the action for preserving the historical appearance of the first garden in St. Petersburg, founded at the behest of Emperor Peter the Great.

Topiary exotic plants are garden decorations in the Baroque style characteristic of the early 18th century.
Thanks to sponsorship in the Summer Garden, new trimmed trees appeared again, replacing the lost ones, which adorned the garden and became a bright accent in its bosquets and alleys.

About a million people visit the Summer Garden during the year, and it is our joint noble task to preserve it for future generations!

Enjoy your walks in the gardens of the Russian Museum.