Today, the annual Tree of Life event took place in the Mikhailovsky Garden, which has been taking place in the gardens of the Russian Museum since 2014. Representatives of the company Nordgold, the network of clinics “Scandinavia” and the tour operator FUN&SUN took part in the campaign for planting small-leaved linden.

Over the years of the campaign, more than 40 large-sized trees were planted in the gardens: oaks, lindens, maples, elms and others. Sponsors and participants of the program were well-known scientists, athletes, actors, large companies – partners of the Russian Museum. The newly planted tree will be affixed with a nominal medal indicating who planted the tree and when, and the planting participants will be awarded certificates and commemorative medals. In addition, the new linden will be entered in the register and on the GIS BIS electronic map, which contains information about all plantings in the gardens of the Russian Museum.

Thanks to the well-established tradition of planting young trees to replace the lost ones, as part of the Tree of Life charity event, new trees appear in the Mikhailovsky and Summer Gardens, which will help preserve the appearance of historical gardens for future generations.