Today lovers of Russian rock are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the most famous performer of the late 80s and early 90s – Viktor Tsoi. In the vastness of our gardens, he left the same bright mark as in his work.

“Once, in the spring of 1984, Timur Novikov suggested that I take a picture of the KINO musicians … We met at the House of Folk Art on Rubinstein Street, but we were not allowed to take pictures there, and we had to stop at the Engineering Castle. Timur was right there behind the scenes. It was almost the first photo session of Kino, we took a lot of photos then. True, there are no worked out poses there yet … It was a long time ago. They didn’t know how to pose yet, I didn’t know how to take pictures yet. The first shooting, acquaintance … ”recalls photographer Alexander Boyko.

Viktor Tsoi, Yuri Kasparyan, Georgy Guryanov, Alexander Titov. Photo session of the KINO group in the Engineering Castle. Leningrad, May 1984. Photographer Alexander Boyko.

We invite you to look at the combined photos of 1984 and 2022.