It’s unusual when, instead of Epiphany frosts, in January, birds chirp in spring and the grass grows emerald green. The anomalously warm winter of 2019-2020 in St. Petersburg will be remembered by the citizens. Many Petersburgers have not yet taken out winter clothes and are actively using umbrellas. Fans of winter entertainments are upset, although this year a sufficient number of artificial skating rinks and roller coasters were made in the city. Yes, this is not surprising, recently in winter it is rarely possible to wait for real ice.

In the gardens of the Russian Museum, due to the warm weather, plants begin to awaken from the winter dormancy. Primrose blooms on the flower beds, leaves of scylls, Pushkinia and other primroses actively appear on the lawns, buds swell on shrubs and trees. All these spring omens amaze and delight visitors and afflict specialists caring for the museum’s gardens.

Abnormally warm weather violates the dormancy period of plants, which they need as a person sleep. Organic substances accumulated by the plant for rapid spring growth and flowering are wasted on respiration and untimely vegetative activity. With the return of cold weather, actively growing plants become an easy victim of freezing, especially if frost sets in without snow. Warm winter also contributes to the preservation of the number of wintering insects, which in the spring-summer period can lead to outbreaks of reproduction of pests. Weakening of plants due to the absence of a dormant period and an increase in the number of insects can lead in spring and summer to a loss of decorativeness of trees and shrubs, to weakening of flowering plants in flower beds.

Therefore, while visitors admire the warm winter, specialists prepare in the spring and summer to help plants out of a difficult situation.

We also draw attention to the fact that during the onset of frost in the second half of winter, there may be a shortage of available, natural bird food. We remind you that if you have taken responsibility for feeding birds, it is important to continue it.

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