January 27, 1944 is considered the Leningrad Victory Day. On this day, Soviet troops completely liberated the city of Leningrad from the blockade by German fascist troops. In honor of the victory won in Leningrad, a salute was fired with twenty-four artillery salvos from 324 guns.

In May 1944, the Summer Garden was opened to visitors. This is how the senior gardener of the Summer Garden P.K. Lobanov: “With the onset of spring, children from kindergartens began to visit the Summer Garden, who, knowing little about what had happened, frolicked cheerfully on the playground with Krylov’s grandfather, stealthily ran into the lawns from the teachers and tore only what appeared to be yellow dandelion flowers, which was strictly prohibited. But when they saw me, the children all immediately ran to me and asked to allow them to pick dandelions. This happened almost every day. Then we decided the following: the children were divided into dozens, from every dozen a person stood out who was allowed to enter the lawn, pick ten flowers and distribute to your group. How much noise and shouting there was during this ceremony! “

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