The fourth day of Shrovetide is called a wide revelry. The people indulged in all kinds of fun, ice mountains, booths, swings, fist fights, noisy revels. On this day, to help the sun drive away the winter, people traditionally arrange horseback riding “in the sun” (clockwise). It was the most beloved and beautiful Pancake Week ceremony. Skating was accompanied by songs, playing the accordion and whistles.

The main action on Thursday is to defend or take a snowy town. On this day, a snow town with towers and gates was built on rivers, ponds and fields, then the team was divided in half: some guarded the town, others had to take it by force.

This year, a snow town cannot be built, and a ride on an ice hill too. But you can bake pancakes and sit at the table with family and friends is quite possible. Everything is in our power.
All happy Shrovetide.

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