An open structure in gardens and parks that is used for recreation, shade, and protection from rain is called a gazebo.

Quote from Nikolai Petrovich Osipov’s book “The New and Perfect Russian Gardener”.

“The structure and location of the pavilions depends for the most part on the Architect and also belongs more to the Architectural art, but it’s not bad for the gardener to have a notion about them, so that he could, in case of need, make them alone by himself, without requiring the Architect’s help; but especially in places where it cannot be found. And besides, as leafy and tree arbors belong directly to the gardener, then for this purpose some brief and general rules about them are offered here.

Leafy and woody arbors should never be made too small; for they not only mean nothing, but very soon they deteriorate from the growth of trees and lose all their appearance and shape. On the contrary, the bigger they are, the better and the more famous the figure in the garden can be … Arbors of this kind are made in many different ways and serve both to give the garden the best beauty and pleasantness, and for tranquility and cool refuge and relaxation. They are round, oval, four-sided, polygonal, solid, half, hidden and half hidden, that is, having large holes; and in addition, some are composed of some herbs, and others of trees and herbs. Finally, there is also the difference between them that others are made in such a way that human art is visible in them, while others are arranged as if they were produced by nature itself … “.

At present, in the Summer Garden, gazebos are located on the first site of the main alley of the garden. They are made of wooden structures on which actinidia winds.

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