The selection of various types of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals used for landscaping a park, garden, vegetable garden is called an assortment. This word is a tracing of the French “assortiment”, which can be translated as “selection”.

Usually, the range of plants that are used in the garden depends on the imagination of the customer and partly on the landscape architect. But often these desires are limited by climatic and environmental factors. As Peter I did not want to get hedges from boxwood in the Summer Garden, this did not work out.

In historic gardens and parks, you have to pick up a historic assortment of plants. To do this, it is necessary to find in the archives the inventories of the plants that grew in this garden in one or another historical period. Then, using these data, you can restore the range of garden plants of different times. The main task in this business is to find a nursery with the right assortment of plants.

Enjoy your walks in the gardens of the Russian Museum.

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