It was necessary to answer the question of which plant in the inventory of 1738 is called “Aloe americana moyor out tocius maxima” – Aloe americana major aut potius maxima (aloe American large or rather the largest). The correct answer is Agave americana L. – American agave.

When this plant was brought from the New World to Europe in the 16th century, botanists named it aloe because this plant was similar to the African succulent aloe known to Europeans. Flemish botanist Mathias de Lobel in 1581 named this plant “Aloe folio mucronato” – aloe with pointed leaves. In 1583 the Dutch botanist Rembert Doduns gave this plant the name “Aloe ex America”. Johann Jacob Dillenius, an English botanist of German origin, named this plant “Aloe barbadensis mitior laete virens et splendens” in 1732.

In 1753, Karl Linnaeus transfers this plant to another genus and calls it Agave americana L. The name Agave Karl Linnaeus gave by the name of the heroine of ancient Greek mythology “Ἀγαύη”, which means “glorified” (though she was famous not for good deeds).

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