It’s no secret that marble copies are installed in the Summer Garden, and very often the question “Where are the real sculptures?” Is raised on our social networks.

We answer:
As part of the work on the 1st stage of the complex restoration and reconstruction of the Summer Garden (2009-2011), all the original marble sculpture (with the exception of the marble herm “Bacchus”, which is an exhibit of the permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of archaeological research in the Summer Garden) was restored and, after With the exception of the sculptural group “Allegory of the Peace of Nishtad” (“Peace and Victory”), it was moved to the halls of the Mikhailovsky Castle for permanent museum storage. In its place, replicas made of artificial marble are installed in the garden. A total of 90 copies of sculptures (statues, busts, sculptural groups) and 152 pedestals and busts were made.