What kind of plant called “Lauro caesaris folio manor rotundo ologon” was grown in the Great stone greenhouse in 1738. So the clerk wrote down the Latin name of the plant “Laurocerasus folio minor rotundo oblongo” (cherry laurel, leaves are small, round-oblong).

Until 1753, this plant was called Laurocerasus or Lauro cerasus. Because its leaves are like laurel leaves, and its fruits are like cherries. Karl Linnaeus attributed this plant to the genus Prunus (Plum) and named it Prunus laurocerasus L. (Cherry Laurel Plum).

Later, many botanists placed cherry laurel in other genera: Cerasus (Cherry), Laurocerasus (Laurel cherry). And in 1768, the English botanist Philip Miller attached this plant to the genus Padus (Bird cherry) and gave the name Padus laurocerasus (L.) Mill. (Bird cherry laurel).

In the domestic literature, Prunus laurocerasus is usually translated as Lavrovishnya officinalis. The plant is used in folk medicine, I make drinks from the pulp of the fruit, the leaves are used as a substitute for laurel. It is not necessary to abuse the cherry laurel, because the seeds of the fruit contain hydrocyanic acid.

In the imperial greenhouses, cherry laurel was grown as an ornamental plant. Various figures were made from it with the help of haircuts and gardens were decorated in the summer season.

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