Union “Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Petrusha became twice as tall.

Felix Lapin, President of the Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, visited the Botanical Garden of the IKBFU. Kant sprout of Petrovsky 300-year-old oak with the name “Petrusha”
Rostock was donated by the Russian Museum to the Union “Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In 2019, the oak was planted in Victory Park, on a new site of the Botanical Garden, laid in honor of the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Petrovsky oak differs from those that grow in the Kaliningrad region with a large leaf plate. We mainly have introduced species of American red oak.

A young oak tree turns green merrily and grows at an enviable speed – for the second year in a row, it adds 30 CM in height.

Director of the Botanical Garden Tatyana Yakovleva noted that for such a slow-growing and long-living tree, a very good result.

For reference:
The project of the Russian Museum “Oaks of Peter the Great” started in 2014, in continuation of the tradition of planting oaks, which was started by Peter I. Oaks from the Summer Garden were planted in Moscow, Paris, Voronezh, Vologda, Tallinn, Sochi, Ivangorod, Veliky Ustyug, Yaroslavl. Now the descendant of the historical tree lives in Kaliningrad.