On the Day of Knowledge, an oak seedling was planted in the courtyard of school 427 in the city of Kronstadt. The event was held within the framework of the All-Russian Oak Forest of Peter the Great project during the school assembly.

The oak planting was attended by:
Deputy Director – Galina Borisovna Titova,
head of the educational department – Anna Aleksandrovna Ivanchenko,
head of the educational department – Zhanna Vasilievna Matrosova,
class teacher of grade 4B – Elena Andreevna Burlet, head of the sector of socio-cultural development of gardens of the Russian Museum – Viktor Yurievich Melnikov, students of grades 2-4 and their parents.

The certificate for the seedling was presented to the school administration, and the planting site was plotted on an interactive map on the Russian Museum Gardens website.

A small oak tree appeared in the courtyard of the school, which will grow with the students. And by the graduation ceremony of those who planted it, it will already be a tall tree. It will be interesting to compare the photographs of students at the oak, taken now with photographs taken ten years later.