On Friday, June 18, the # BAR2021 team very symbolically planted a sapling of the Petrovsky oak in Priozersk in Petrovsky Park.

We were met by Vladimir Babak, the head of the department for physical culture, sports and youth policy of Priozersk, who organized the entire cultural program for us, chose the ideal place for our oak tree, brought fertile soil on the bucket of a tractor-loader, invited the local Priozersk television and media.

The landing was attended and made a solemn speech by the head of the administration of the Priozersky municipal district of Leningrad Region Aleksandr Soklakov, the head of the Priozersky municipal district municipal district Vladimir Mylnikov and the senior researcher of the Korela museum fortress Andrey Likhoi.

It was very joyful to see the guys from the local football team at the landing ceremony! The guys listened with interest to the story of Andrey Ivanovich about Peter the Great and his role in the formation of Priozersk, and then they planted an oak tree on their own. This was a special symbolism – the younger generation creates the history of their city. I hope that in the future the guys will come to the oak tree with the knowledge that they are directly involved in the creation of this now significant place for the city.