On October 30, in the Demidovs’ estate, which is located in the village of Taitsy, an action of the program “ALL-RUSSIAN DUBRAVA PETER THE GREAT” took place.

In the park of the estate, a sapling from an oak tree was planted, which in 2014 received the status of “Tree – a monument of wildlife”. This oak is the oldest tree in the Summer Garden, more than 350 years old.

The planting of the sapling was attended by: Olga Albertovna Cherdantseva, the chief curator of the gardens of the Russian Museum, Elena Viktorovna Lyubushkina, director of the Park Agency, and Maria Aleksandrovna Rozanova, executive director of the Demidov international fund. The manor house is now under restoration, and surveys of the 180 hectare park are underway. There are plans to restore it too – the manor complex can certainly become the pearl of the Gatchina district and the Leningrad region.

Initially, these places were presented by Peter I to Admiral Golovin for the victory over the Swedes. Then it was bought by Hannibal, Pushkin’s great-grandfather, and later Demidov bought these lands to arrange the estate of his daughter. The places are beautiful. And the estate, judging by the lithographs, the exhibition of which was located against the background of the ruins, was unusually good and interesting, both with park structures and with water labyrinths and channels.

The Petrovskaya oak forest is growing.

You can find out about the possibility of participation in the “ALL-RUSSIAN DUBRAVA PETER THE GREAT” program on the “GARDENS OF THE RUSSIAN MUSEUM” website.

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