This term is a copy of the French word “façade”, which means “ostentatious”. The facade is the outer face of the building.

Distinguish between the main, side, rear facades, as well as street and yard.

Forms, proportions, decor of the facade are determined by the purpose of the architectural structure, its design features, stylistic solution of its architectural image.

The main facade can be decorated with such elements as a portico, a portal, a spindle, a colonade, a pilaster, a caryatid, a door, a window, a pediment. The yard facade is usually simpler in terms of decoration.

The photographs show the main (southern) facade and the garden (northern) facade of the Mikhailovsky Palace. In this case, both facades are beautifully decorated.

We remind you that from April 1 to May 1, the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens will be closed for drying.

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