On September 24, a truly historic event took place on the museum square – the employees of the M. S. D. Erzya and his visitors were planting a young oak tree in front of the main building! This oak is unusual, it has a long history and is associated with the name of the famous statesman and commander of our country – with Peter I.

In 2022, Russia will celebrate the 350th anniversary of the birth of the first emperor. On the eve of the significant date, our colleagues from the Russian Museum offered to take part in the wonderful project “All-Russian Oak of the Emperor Peter the Great”, within the framework of which the saplings of the “Peter the Great Oak”, a tree-monument of wildlife of Peter the Great’s time, growing in the Summer Garden, are being planted. Erzya Museum accepted the offer.

The sapling was brought to Saransk by the chief curator of the gardens of the Russian Museum Olga Albertovna Cherdantseva.

The event included an educational program. An interested audience gathered in the lecture hall of the museum: the guys from the children’s ecological organization “Green World”, representatives of the Reserved Mordovia “and other guests.