The newspaper “Evening Leningrad” on May 6, 1971
A small note on the completion of restoration work in the Summer Palace of Peter I and preparations for the opening of the Summer Garden. This is the look of a journalist.

And here is how it is written in the report on museum work for 1971.
“By the opening of the season, restoration robots were being carried out in the Palace, associated with the reconstruction of marble floors in the premises of the 1st floor of the palace, with a total area of ​​more than 110 m2: the first reception, lower lobby, lower corridor and turning. Cosmetic repairs were carried out in the rooms: lower kitchen, lower and upper lobby, lower corridor, turning and dining room.

1971 was the year of the beginning of the second phase of the restoration of the palace, associated with the restoration of wall decor. So, the dining room walls were decorated with a gray damask with a picture of the beginning of the XVIII century.
As a result of the restoration of furniture, it became possible in the second reception room of Peter I to exhibit an oak table of Russian work of the late 17th century, inlaid with bog oak inserts. In the bedroom of Peter I there is a chest of carved oak on a stand made by Western European masters of the late 17th century.

Partially carried out a double hanging of paintings in the office of Peter I and the bedroom of Catherine I.

Exhibited paintings in the amount of 4 previously found in the museum.
After compiling a compelling inventory of the museum’s exposition in 1971, 259 items of the main fund, 187 items of temporary storage and 22 items of the scientific and auxiliary cabinet were in open storage.

In preparation for the opening of the summer season, a general cleaning of all the premises of the exposition and funds was carried out, the postal etiquette in the Palace and the House-Museum of Peter I was revised and supplemented. ”
The report was signed by the director of the Summer Garden and the Palace and Museum of Peter I – Kira Mikhailovna Egorova and the main curator – Nina Sergeevna Eremina (TsGALI, f. 399, op. 3, d. 148, L. 12).

A report on the landscape gardening work of the Summer Garden for 1971 will be published separately.

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