– the technique in gardening art, which originated in the ancient gardens of China and Japan, developed in England, France, Russia and other countries of the 18th-19th centuries, is distinguished by the picturesque groups of trees placed on glades and lawns, winding paths, free outlines of reservoirs, watercourses, preservation (or imitation) of the natural, rural character of the area.

“A man really with taste, who lives in order to live, and who enjoys himself, knows how to arrange a garden for himself so that he can like it and be pleasant at all hours of the day; but together he would be so simple and natural that it seemed that they had not done anything here; he connects the earth, water, shadows and chills, for all this is also connected by nature. He does not produce symmetry anywhere, because this is an enemy of nature and multi-intelligence ”[Bolotov, 1786, p. 93].

Mikhailovsky Garden has a landscape layout. In 1826, Carl Rossi redesigned the regular Third Summer Garden into the landscape Mikhailovsky Garden.