Menagerie – Russian translation of the French word “ménagerie” – menagerie. This is an architecturally designed birdhouse, usually on the shore of a pond in a garden or park.

In the Summer Garden, menageries are located along the circumference of the banks of an artificial pond, which is located in the center of the garden. The pond was created in 1719-1720 and was intended for keeping decorative waterfowl. According to the menagerie located next to the pond, it was named Menagerie. The first inhabitants of the menagerie appeared in 1720. These were various ducks and geese brought from Astrakhan. At the end of the 18th century, the menagerie and the pond were destroyed.

During the restoration of the Summer Garden, the Menagerie Pond and the Menagerie were recreated according to the preserved archival documents and data from archaeological excavations. In May, come for a walk in the Summer Garden. And you will see what the menagerie looked like in the 18th century.

Enjoy your walks through the pre-winter gardens of the Russian Museum, which are frozen in anticipation of the first snow. Dress warmly and grab a thermos with hot tea.

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