The All-Russian Oak Forest of Emperor Peter the Great will take part in the large-scale Green Oak Forest campaign on the territory of the Kulikovo Field Museum-Reserve in the Tula Region. The Russian Museum also decided to plant trees in the legendary Green Oakbrava and take part in a large-scale experiment to restore the landscape of the 14th century.

In 2000, work began on restoring the landscape of the Battlefield. During the campaign, 50,000 trees were planted, and about 600 participants annually take part in restoration plantings. This year, the gardens of the Russian Museum will also make their contribution – 50 seedlings grown from the oak-monument of wildlife from the Summer Garden.

The name “Green Oakwood” was given in honor of the forest tract, where the legendary Ambush Regiment was waiting in the wings, thanks to which the Russian army won the victory on the Kulikovo field. The action is aimed at restoring the historical landscape of the era of the Battle of Kulikovo.