The name of this element of landscape architecture comes from the German word “Rabatte”, which means “garden bed”. Rabatka is a flower garden in the form of a narrow long strip placed along alleys and paths; which looks like a garden bed.

Rabatki can be one-sided, that is, placed only on one side of the track, and double-sided, which are located on both sides.

The assortment of plants used in flower beds is huge: you can plant various bulbs, then plant one or more types of summer cages, or you can plant perennial herbaceous plants. If you plant spicy herbs on a bed, then you will always have fresh seasoning in the summer, which you can prepare for the winter.

In the gardens of the Russian Museum rabatki can be seen at the southern facade of the Mikhailovsky Castle, as well as at the Tea House in the Summer Garden.

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