RHYTHM – uniform alternation of compositional elements, the order of repetitive visual and other impressions when moving through the park or consistently contemplating a landscape picture. The simplest manifestation of spatial rhythm is the alternation of trees, bushes, sculptures, benches along the path of a pedestrian.

Techniques for enriching the rhythmic pattern are diverse – increasing the number of elements participating in a multiple repetition (including both natural and artificial components), introducing a complicated rhythm in which repetition is accompanied by a gradual increase or weakening of one or more features, the use of unpredictable compositional effects, “knocking down” the usual order of arrangement of objects.

Although in parks with landscape planning, rhythmic constructions are less pronounced than in regular ones, they also manifest themselves there by alternating meadows, groves, characteristic river bends, and hills.

Spatial rhythm can be found in all gardens of the Russian Museum. Enjoy your walks and enjoy the rhythm.

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