The gardens of the Russian Museum include: Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens, the garden at the House of Peter the Great, Engineering Square and the Garden of the Mikhailovsky Castle, couriers of the Mikhailovsky and Marble Palaces.

Having completed our story (in a previous publication) in 1887, when Klenovaya Street appears between Mikhailovsky Castle and Engineering Street, we continue the story. In 1889, trees were planted along the street for its improvement. The comic of the situation is that horse chestnuts were planted along Klenova Street. Maybe in the city nurseries there were no maples, or maybe chestnuts look more solid. It was no coincidence that greening the territory began, by that time the squares planned by K. Rossi had already considerably decreased. First, in the years 1872-1874, in the southwestern part of the square near the Sadovaya Street, the Mansion of the Minister of War was erected. In 1877, in the southeastern part, where the wooden circus building was located, the stone building of the Ciniselli Circus was built. Naturally, part of the eastern square went under development, for this Gaetano Ciniselli pledged to improve the rest of the square with his own funds.

Unfortunately, planting trees does not always save the territory from building. In 1893-1894, the building of the educational power station of the Nikolaev Engineering Academy appeared. The only building, the address of which is listed on Klenova Street, is house number 2. In 1905-1906, the premises of the fire department were erected behind the building of the power plant.

However, describing the genesis of the territory around the castle, we left the question. But before asking him, I would like to answer the question: “When did the maples disappear from Klenova Street”? If you look at the photo of Manege Square in 1903, you can see the crowns of trees between the building of the Mikhailovsky Manege and the stables (they are circled in red in the picture). These are the remaining planting maples of the early 19th century. In 1908, in the alignment of the former maple alley overlooking the square, the building of the Officers Corps of the Own EIV convoy was built. In photographs after 1908 there are no maples anymore. And now the question is, it also concerns the history of Maple Street.

Question: WHAT YEAR did the maple street begin to pass from the Manege Square to the Castle Street?

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