ROSARIUM is a site located in a park or garden, designed for growing and exhibiting various types and varieties of roses. It is used as a decorative element to decorate the garden and to create a collection of various roses.
In Russia, the first prototypes of rosaries appeared in Moscow gardens during the time of Alexei Mikhailovich. Usually a silver plant was grown, so various types of roses were called (in the common people, rose hips). Single flowering rose with simple flowers. They were usually planted in plantations and used to produce fruits. The plant inventories of the royal gardens of Moscow also mention “curly roses”. Perhaps it is a metropolitan rose (Rosa × centifolia L.).

This range of roses was originally used in the creation of the Summer Garden. Then rose varieties from Europe began to appear in the gardens of the garden. Roses were originally planted inside bosquets and used to produce petals and fruits. Especially decorative roses were planted in flower beds as tapeworms. An approximate range of roses can be found in the attached drawings.

The first real rose gardens appeared on the territory of the gardens of the Russian Museum in the 20s of the 19th century. During this period, the architect Carl Rossi and the gardener Adam Menelas converted the regular Third Summer Garden into Mikhailovsky, which is landscape. And, knowing Elena Pavlovna’s addiction to plants, we can assume that she had a large collection of roses. At the same time, the first remontant roses appeared, which extended the decorative effect of the rose garden for the entire summer season.

The summer garden with rose gardens was less fortunate. In the 19th century, this garden was opened to the public, so it was considered irrational to use expensive varieties of roses. Mostly, clumps of park roses were used.
The first real rose garden appears in the Summer Garden in 1954. The administration of the garden buys 200 rose bushes and plants them on the ground next to the Swan Canal.

Currently, the rose garden in the gardens of the Russian Museum is located in the Mikhailovsky Garden in front of the garden facade of the Mikhailovsky Palace.

Roses still continue to bloom. Hurry up to enjoy the view and scent of roses. Enjoy your walks in the autumn gardens of the Russian Museum.

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