The question on social networks sounded like this: HOW IS THE GARDEN OF THE MIKHAILOVSKY CASTLE RELATED TO RUSSIAN ROCK?

But our members only mentioned one episode from 1974. When on the steps of the staircase of the northern facade of the Engineering Castle, the group “Aquarium” and their associates put on a musical and theatrical performance.

After this incident, the staircase of the northern facade of the Engineering Castle became a gathering place for both rock musicians and their fans. In the summer season, mini concerts were often held here. In the rock environment, the staircase of the Engineering Castle was called “At the Castle”. The Engineering Castle Garden was visited by Boris Grebenshchikov and Seva Gakkel (Aquarium Group), Mike Naumenko (Zoo Group), Viktor Tsoi (Kino Group) and many others. With the opening of the Leningrad Rock Club on Rubinstein Street in 1981, the appearance of rock musicians known at that time in the castle garden was significantly reduced. And the staircase becomes a meeting place for rock fans and aspiring musicians who tried to win the public’s attention.

In 1984 Viktor Tsoi and members of the Kino group arranged a small photo session in the castle garden.

Over time, when opportunities for rock musicians to perform on stage became more and more, the “At the Castle” party came to naught. And now, as it turned out, few know what happened in the garden of the Mikhailovsky Castle in the recent past.

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