Last week, within the framework of the program “All-Russian oak grove of Peter the Great”, seedlings of the Petrovsky oak were planted in Ryazan and the Ryazan region. The planting coordinator was the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Ryazan Region. The natives of the Ryazan Territory are I.V. Michurin, K.E. Tsiolkovsky, I.P. Pavlov and many other famous figures of science and culture.

Six-year-old oak seedlings were planted on the territory of the Museum-Reserve “SN Khudekov’s Estate” in the village of Yerlino, which preserves the unique collection of the Arboretum, collected by the owner in his native village, as well as on the territory of the Meshchersky National Park (Shakino village, Ryazan region), which is the birthplace of the artist Abram Arkhipov, and the Meschera National Park (Urshelsky village, Vladimir region). There is a legend that Peter I’s shipyards were located in Struzhany.

Seven-year-old oak seedlings were planted on the territory of the State Museum-Reserve of S.A. Yesenin in his native village of Konstantinovo, where an old poplar grows, planted by the poet and became a tree-monument of wildlife in 2013, and on the territory of the Children’s Ecological and Biological Center of the city of Ryazan , which celebrated its 80th anniversary in May this year.

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