The newspaper “Leningradskaya Pravda” dated August 30, 1972 published an article “In a quiet Karpiev pond …”. Journalist A. Menakhina describes all the swan passions that took place in the pond of the Summer Garden in 1972.

There is an inaccuracy at the beginning of the article. In the times of Peter the Great, waterfowl were kept in the Menazerinoye pond and some species were kept in the poultry house. The Karpiev Pond was intended for breeding fish for the imperial table. The first swans appeared in the Karpiev Pond in 1951. In the explanatory note to the annual report of the Museum Summer Garden and Summer Palace Museum of Peter I for 1951, it is written: “during the summer there were 6 swans and 2 Peking ducks received from the Lenzoosad for temporary use in the pond.”

We have already written about the first escape of swans from the Karpiev Pond.

You can familiarize yourself with the rest of the events taking place in the Karpiev Pond from the text of the article.

Enjoy your walks in the gardens of the Russian Museum. Just dress warmly.

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