SOLITAIRE (from the Latin word solitarius – lonely) is a technique for placing single plantings of various plants in an open space (meadow, meadow, lawn). Depending on the size of the garden, these can be trees, shrubs or large herbaceous plants. In doing so, they must attract attention to themselves. Therefore, plants with a textured crown, bright leaves, and beautiful flowering are chosen for specimen plantings.

“One standing tree distant from others has the greatest value in the eyes of the artist, for trees are the main materials that he must use to form his landscapes,” wrote Andrei Bolotov at the end of the 18th century.

Solitaire is mainly used in landscape-style gardens and parks. Therefore, there are no specimen plantings in the Summer Garden. The tapeworms can be seen in the Mikhailovsky Garden and Engineering Square.

A striking example of solitary planting (most likely landscape felling) is an oak growing in the Butter Meadow. We have already written about this oak, a monument of wildlife.

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