PARTER is a decorative open geometrically constructed composition of low plants in a horizontal plane, forms the front part of a regular park, breaks up near the main buildings, near monumental structures and monuments. A large place is given to a lawn, a flower garden made of carpet plants, which in combination with reservoirs, sculpture, decorative paving, etc., form a single ensemble. It is characterized by the severity of lines and shapes.

“Parterre is a kind of flower garden, lying out of the blue and decorated with flowers, herbs, bushes and so on. Discussion of one’s distinction is divided into many different genders. Grass parterre, consisting of low grasses, is considered the best and most convenient way of reasoning its simplicity and little labor required for it. As for the arrangement of the parterres in general, the oblong quadrangle is much more convenient for it than the others, and so that it is twice as long against the width, but never three times. Parterres are usually made in gardens at the first entrance to them and occupy an entire area. Paths should be created near the parterre, two-thirds wide opposite the real garden. Their decoration depends on the will and taste of the owner or gardener, but the simpler it is, the better ”[Osipov, 1793. Part 2. P. 119].

“Since there is a real place for them near the house, the width of them should be at least the entire length of the building’s facade, and the length should be proportional to the possibility of observation so that from the windows of the house one could discern the entire pattern of their outline with the eye. Whether there is space, the length of the parterre should be twice or three times their width: for the oblong shapes are rather reduced in the eyes through the distance and more pleasant in the form of perfect quadrangles. Moreover, it is necessary to inform the parterres of a figure and a form that is decent for the place and structure of the house, cutting them into two or four parts … ”[Levshin, 1795. Ch. 8. P. 14, 15].

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