“A type of landscaping with the use of lianas and wood on special structures – frames, pergolas, awnings, along the facades of buildings; designed to isolate individual sections of the object, decorate structures and buildings, increase the comfort of the space.” This definition of the term “vertical gardening” was given by Vladimir Sergeevich Teodoronsky and Inna Oskarovna Bogovaya in their book “Objects of Landscape Architecture”.

A wide variety of plants can be used for vertical gardening. In the Summer Garden, two types of lianas are used to decorate the facades of the administrative building. The first, North American species Aristolochia large-leaved (Aristolochia macrophylla Lam.). The second, Far Eastern species of Actinidia kolomikta (Maxim. & Rupr.) Maxim.).

Bersault and the Green Rooms in the Summer Garden are decorated with various types of lime trees, which create a tent of plants over the avenues.

Enjoy your walks in the gardens of the Russian Museum.

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