When you are walking in a garden or park, you suddenly find a place that makes you want to sit down with an easel or get your camera to capture a beautiful view. This place is called the viewpoint. Landscape architects often use this effect to decorate their creations.

In regular gardens, viewpoints are located mainly along the line of the alley, which ends in a beautiful structure or fountain. Also, in the regular gardens, for a better view, amphitheaters or palace terraces were erected, from which a wonderful view of the surrounding flower beds or parterre opened.

Landscaped gardens are a little more complicated. A landscape architect can design several viewpoints, passing one into another, which follow each other in a series of visual “frames”. Often, a landscape architect places a platform, bench, gazebo or garden pavilion at this place to indicate a viewpoint.

Enjoy your walks through the gardens of the Russian Museum and search for vantage points. We are waiting for photos and pictures in the comments. #gardens of the Russian Museum

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