The water surface of open reservoirs is called the WATER MIRROR. People have long noticed that the water surface is capable of reflecting surrounding objects. Landscape architects took advantage of this feature of the water, creating various reservoirs in gardens and parks. When reflected in the water surface of the surrounding architectural structures, sculptures, trees, an unusual perspective of perception of these objects is created.

The water mirror effect can be achieved simply by building a pond that is used for raising fish or watering plants. Or you can specially build a shallow decorative reservoir of the correct geometric shape with a low side. As, for example, the area “Water mirror” in Bordeaux.

In the gardens of the Russian Museum, the effect of reflection can be seen in the ponds of the Summer and Mikhailovsky gardens. Remember the lines from a poem by Anna Akhmatova: “And the swan, as before, floats through the centuries, Admiring the beauty of its double.” Enjoy your walks in the gardens of the Russian Museum. Now the water surface of the ponds is covered with ice.

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