Specialists of the sector of registration and monitoring of green spaces took part in the International Bird Watching Days held this past weekend on September 30 to October 1. On the territory of the gardens of the Russian Museum, 8 species of birds with a total number of 200 individuals were identified. The most interesting of our findings was a brisk birdie zaryanka. She always flies to us in the gardens on the fly. Among the total number of birds, mallards and pigeons predominated. We remind you that it is undesirable to feed birds with bread. Ornithologists believe that all the necessary food can be found in the pond independently, but if you want to treat them, it is better to make it slightly soaked pearl barley or barley. And pigeons are asked to feed outside the gardens of the Russian Museum, which is associated with the protection of monuments.
And you can become a participant of the International Bird Watching Days, but hurry the time ends. Full information you can find on the site http://biodat.ru