We invite you to a virtual walk in the Mikhailovsky Garden.

Admire how wonderful daffodils and tulips adorn the Mikhailovsky Palace. In the next photo – a wave-curving flower garden, followed by a spirea in the white foam of inflorescences. Red shoots of growing peonies, blooming hyacinths and a sea of ​​viola. And how good the yellow and white tulips look against the background of Forsythia.

And one of the main May charms of the Mikhailovsky Garden is the flowering shrub of Luisania triloba, the second name is Almond triloba. We will publish a separate post about this plant in which we will talk about all the systematic ups and downs of this species.

Until the end of May, the gardens of the Russian Museum, unfortunately, are closed, and plants of the May flowering period this year can only be seen online. Let’s hope that plants blooming in the summer, you can enjoy live.
Take a virtual walk in the garden and don’t get sick.

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