We bring to your attention two paintings depicting the Summer Garden.

The first photo shows the painting “Teenagers’ Entertainment in the Imperial Garden of Petrograd”, which was painted by Ivan Alekseevich Vladimirov in 1921.

On the second – the painting “Summer Garden. Walking in the Summer Garden”. The author is Savitsky Georgy Konstantinovich, the year of creation is 1922.

Both works were written in the early 1920s, but how different they are. If Ivan Vladimirov’s painting shows the rough realism of the post-revolutionary Petrograd, then Georgy Savitsky painted an idealistic picture of walking in the garden in the 19th century. The work of Georgy Konstantinovich looks even more fantasy, because dogs are depicted on the alleys of the garden, and the entrance with dogs to the Summer Garden was prohibited.
We remind you that the Summer Garden is closed on Tuesday.

From April 1 to May 1, the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens will be closed for drying.

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