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Загрузка Мероприятия
Это мероприятие прошло.

The unifying artistic project of the Russian Museum “The Peace Shop 2018. Russian art is dedicated”
We invite active artists to participate in the project “Shop of the World”.
The theme of painting shops this year is as follows: “Russian art is dedicated.”
Stalls and all necessary materials are provided by the organizers. You can take your favorite brush with you.
The primary goal of the project is a visual demonstration of the unifying possibilities of art in the framework of World Creation.
In 2018 we invite both famous artists and novice authors, museum and cultural institutions, social institutions, consulates, restaurateurs and businessmen. The shop is enough for everyone!
After painting the shop, a long and happy life awaits within the museum spaces, creative workshops, private gatherings and social centers. Some of the world’s shops will be sold at a charity auction in support of inclusive programs.
Also the most important task of the project is to go beyond the existing framework of the museum and establish friendly and professional contacts between creators!

To get acquainted with the history of the project “Shop of the World” in the genre of photography, you can click on the link:
Participation requires confirmation and the existence of a sketch.
In turn, we with pleasure and huge desire will answer all your questions!
+7 916 886 7592. Dima Shcherbakov, scherbakov.dmitri@gmail.com
+7 911 167 68 40. Lidia Shenbereva, shen_l@mail.ru