Загрузка Мероприятия
Это мероприятие прошло.

Friday – Teschin Vechorki.

A number of Maslenitsa customs was aimed at speeding up weddings, assisting young people in finding themselves couples. The newlyweds on this day went dressed in painted sledges, paid visits to everyone who was walking at their wedding. Now my son-in-law invited my mother-in-law to visit me and treated her to pancakes.
People’s signs for this day:
Counted 7 morning frosts – according to the signs it was believed that after this spring will come.
The earlier in this day you begin to work on the au pair, the sooner the spring will come.
It is impossible to borrow money on that day and to wear black things – this is a sign that promises trouble.
“Maslenitsa”, B.M. Kustodiev. 1916 year.
“Maslenitsa”, B.M. Kustodiev. The year 1920.

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