April is a wonderful month, every day you can tell news about flowering plants in the gardens of the Russian Museum.

Another good news – the noble liverwort (Hepatica nobilis Mill.) Is blooming in the Mikhailovsky Garden. It is a perennial herb of the Buttercup family. The flower got its name for its three-lobed leaves, which are shaped like a liver.

Medieval healers treated liver and gallbladder diseases with the leaves of the liverwort. Now the plant is not used in medicine. Found in deciduous forests of Europe and Russia, among trees and shrubs. For this feature, the liverwort is called “coppice”.

From the middle of the 15th century, the liverwort began to be used in European gardening for the spring decoration of flower beds. In Moscow’s royal gardens, it was grown already in the 17th century. The plant was used to decorate flower beds.

We remind you that there are 8 days left before the opening of the gardens of the Russian Museum.

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