In 1908, Klenovaya Street, from the Manezhnaya Square, was finally blocked by the building of the Officer Corps of the EIV convoy. Klenovaya Street, lined with horse chestnuts, continued to exist on the segment between Engineering and Castle streets. In 1934, the city renaming commission proposed changing the name of Klenovaya Street to Kashtanovaya Alley, but this did not happen.

In 1944, at the initiative of the chief architect of the city N.V. Baranova architects V. D. Kirkhoglani, E. M. Katonin are developing a project for the reconstruction of Klenova Street. The project was bold and involved the demolition of some buildings. They wanted to demolish not only the building of the Officers Corps, but also the buildings of the training power station and the fire department. The entire project was not implemented, although the wooden structures began to be cleaned during the blockade of Leningrad. At the suggestion of Baranov, in order not to cut trees for firewood, they began to dismantle unnecessary wooden buildings for this.

In 1948, when the project started, the concept changed. They refused to demolish buildings – at that time in Leningrad every square meter was counted. They cleared only the space between the buildings of the Manege and the Stables. The House of the Officers Corps was not demolished, so they did not open the view of the castle from Manezhnaya Square.
The street turned out beautiful, with a central flower garden located along the entire length of the street. Its route stretched from Manezhnaya Square to Mikhailovsky Castle, but from the square to the street there was not a direct entrance, but through two passages enveloping the building.

Answer. The street got its modern borders in 1949. It was only on the stretch from the square to Engineering Street that lindens were planted, and horse chestnuts remained at the castle. This is how Klenovaya Street without maples appeared in St. Petersburg.

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