Copy from the original by D. Bonazza. Italy. 1717

A series of sculptures “Circle of the Day” was made by the talented sculptor Giovanni Bonazza.

“Noon” is the bearer of the sun. He has a solar disk on his forehead, and a bow behind his back. Arrows in hand, reminiscent of the sun’s rays. In the other hand is a branch of a lotus flower, which, according to ancient beliefs, rises from the water with the sun and hides in the water at sunset. The lotus, in this case, is depicted as a flowering branch. At the young man’s feet is a sunflower, the flower of the sun. Among its attributes are the signs of the Zodiac, according to which the rotation of the Earth was determined in ancient times. Noon turns her face to the languid and coquettish Aurora, she always looks at him, but flies forward and always remains elusive.