Copy from the original by O. Marinali. Early 18th century

Seneca, Lucius Annei (4 BC – 65 AD) – ancient Roman Stoic philosopher, educator of Emperor Nero. Being himself a man of strong character, Seneca preached moral rigor and selflessness, qualities that he could not instill in his student. Seneca was accused of participating in a conspiracy, and by order of the emperor had to die – Seneca took a bowl of poison.

Aphorisms belonging to Seneca:
“The gods arranged it so that anyone can take our life, but no one is able to save us from death.
– Live a century – learn a century how to live.
“It is foolish to make plans for a lifetime without being master even of tomorrow.
Life is long if you use it skillfully.
– The fulfillment of our strongest desires is often the source of our greatest sorrows.
– When a person does not know which pier he is on his way to, not a single wind will be favorable for him.
Courage without prudence is only a special kind of cowardice.
“A small amount lent makes the debtor a friend, a large amount an enemy.
“Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary insanity.
“The very first hour that gave us life shortened it.