The photo shows oregano – Origanum vulgare L. This medicinal and aromatic plant has been used in Europe since ancient times. In Russia, oregano was also called: motherboard, incense, matserdushka, oregano, zenovka, forest mint, bee-lover.

Currently, oregano is used in medicine for the treatment of various diseases, in the perfumery and cosmetic industry for the aromatization of colognes, toothpastes and lipsticks. Oregano essential oil is used in the manufacture of liqueurs and liqueurs. Oregano is a part of spicy mixtures for pates and homemade sausages. Oregano is a good nectar plant. Many grow this plant to decorate their gardens. Oregano flowers color the coat orange-red. In Russian cuisine, oregano is used for brewing tea.

Enjoy your walks in the gardens of the Russian Museum.

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